Handcrafted Small-Batch Botanical Gin

four gin bottles

Our Story

Uncle Val’s Gins are small-batch botanical gins inspired by Zio Valerio’s love of gardening and native Tuscan cuisine. The botanicals are not only Uncle Val’s favorite cooking ingredients, but also happen to make exceptionally unique and smoothly delicious gin.


Crafted to be a true sipping gin, Uncle Val’s Botanical boasts a big-yet-smooth floral and citrus profile.


Tasty as both a mixer or alone, Restorative features savory coriander, along with rich, cucumber sensation.


A unique way to bring some heat to a drink, Peppered beguiles the senses with its smoky blend of peppers and juniper.


Inspired by Uncle Val’s undeniable zest for life, Zested awakens the senses with fresh citrus and spicy white pepper.

Our Process

The production process starts with a neutral grain base of corn, which is then distilled using purified aquifer water sourced from the Sonoran desert. The spirit is continuously distilled 5x for the highest purity. Uncle Val’s is an American wet or a compound gin, meaning the botanicals are added post-distillation, after meticulous removal of other hangover-causing fusel oils.


Uncle Val’s Handcrafted Gin makes a wonderful canvas for some truly tasty and thoroughly unique craft cocktails. This spirit can also be enjoyed neat or with a splash of natural soda.

gin bottle on table with cocktails