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4 Stars, Highly Recommended
“Entry is really yummy, in that, the juniper-cucumber-rose petal troika gets amiable support from deeply herbaceous coriander while the alcohol base turns velvety smooth and viscous; midpalate is damn near unctuous and oily as the flavor profile goes for broke. Finishes long, luxuriously creamy, and a little hot, but acceptably so...”
Uncle Val's Restorative Gin
F. Paul Pacult's Spirit Journal, September 2015
96 Points
"Combine green olives, pimento and a dash of white pepper. Add in some spicy red and yellow peppers. Just add gin. Without it being a “flavored” gin, the components, inspired by home-grown peppers in August Sebastiani’s uncle’s Tuscan garden, are so naturally infused, they should be regarded as some of the most unique botanicals used for this category. As it sits in the glass, the perfume on the nose transforms, offering up licorice, apricot, lavender and vanilla spice."
Uncle Val's Peppered Gin
The Tasting Panel Magazine
96 Points
"Tangerine, lemon blossoms and blue flowers sing the praises of gin in this wonderful new product. Named for August Sebastiani’s uncle Valerio Cecchetti from Lucca, Italy, the botanicals chosen are the same that Uncle Val likes to use in his cooking: lemon, juniper, cucumber, sage and lavender. But we picked up a lovely weight and a syrup of white-peppered marshmallow that made these all the more appealing."
Uncle Val's Botanical Gin
The Tasting Panel Magazine